Why choose this course?

  • Do something Creative today!

    Work with Silver to create some stunning changes to your home and be proud of your achievements

  • Learn new skills!

    Learn some new skills that will last a lifetime while you enjoy creating your new home environment

  • Save money

    In the current climate it's a good idea to make savings wherever possible - and now you can, whilst still having the things you want in your home!


Here are some of the things you will learn

  • DIY Wardrobe Upcycling

  • Customising and upcycling accessories & ornaments

  • Creating beautiful low cost home furnishings


Creative Director / Education Development

Tori Silver

Tori has an extensive background in performance, choreography, coaching & mentoring. Her experience ranges from classical ballet, contemporary dance, tap, ballet and theatre performance to more detailed work including creative writing and motivational speaking. Tori has worked with vulnerable individuals and groups for a number of years and specialises in inclusive engagement, confidence and inspiration for all.

Learn some useful creative life skills

Silver is here to help unleash your inner creativity!

Let Silver walk you step by step through some simple but effective techniques to transform everyday items in your home into fabulous furniture and accessories. Learn new skills that will last a lifetime, unleash your inner creativity, and have some fun!

Pricing options

Sign up early and take advantage of our reduced rate of £45.00 - giving you 3 lessons free! (and don't forget that if you are a Tribe member you can access all of our courses, community hangouts and support spaces for free!)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Skills With Silver

    • Introduction to Skills with Silver

  • 2

    Painting Plant Pots featuring Meg

  • 3

    Mason Jar Painting

    • What you Will Need

    • Step One - Cleaning and Preparation

    • Step Two - Deciding on Design Ideas

    • Step Three - First Layer of Paint

    • Step Four - Adding Writing

    • Step Five - Admiring Your Creation

    • Share Your Creations!

  • 4

    Spruce up your fireplace!

    • Instructions

    • BEFORE

    • AFTER

    • Here's a timelapse of my fireplace!