Getting Crafty with Fabrics

  • Sewing 101

  • How to make a patchwork blanket

  • How to make a cushion

  • Being crafty with crafts - working on a budget


Executive Director

Lindy Witkowski

Lindy is a multiskilled educator in a variety of sectors. With over 15 years of performance experience, touring internationally as a cabaret, circus, sideshow and burlesque artist. Lindy has a lot of creative performance skills to share. For the last several years, Lindy has been exploring the world of Philosophy, ethics, relgious studies and theology at the University of Chester. Previously having studied a partial BA in Law.

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Crafty with fabrics

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    Patchwork quilting

    • Getting crafty

    • Selecting your tools

    • Tools - Patchwork quilting

    • Downloadable Hexagon template

    • The Templates

    • Threading your needle

    • Making your first stitch!

    • Sewing your flower

    • Adding in your petals

    • Sewing the seams

    • Your finished flower...what next?

    • The Target Pattern

    • The multiple flower pattern