Why study Critical Thinking?

Now you can learn the vital skill of critical thinking which will help you make better decision, problem solve, manage conflict and flourish in life.

  • Discover your cognitive screwdriver

  • Why critical thinking is important

  • Critical thinking and employability

  • The difference between critical thinking and philosophy

  • Taking a look at philosophers and scholars

  • Working through thought experiments (I promise it's fun)


Performance, Arts & Critical Thinking Instructor

Lindy Witkowski

Lindy is a multiskilled educator in a variety of sectors. With over 15 years of performance experience, touring internationally as a cabaret, circus, sideshow and burlesque artist. Lindy has a lot of creative performance skills to share. For the last several years, Lindy has been exploring the world of Philosophy, ethics, relgious studies and theology at the University of Chester. Previously having studied a partial BA in Law.

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